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cordially, Claire – the best things in life are free (through theft or demand)

Hello Claire, I run a small business which is mostly creative-driven. I’ve worked hard and landed myself some great press coverage that I’m very proud of. However, I just found out that one of my vendors is using my business’s press coverage and photos of my designs on their own website. That would be fine, except they aren’t giving me credit! I reached out to them several times to ask that they simply mention my business in the photo captions, but they aren’t answering me. I don’t necessarily want to lose them as a vendor, but this needs to be made right! How do I get credit for the work without destroying my relationship with this vendor?

this is why we shouldn’t have nice things (but we do because we are terribly materialistic)

This might (and by ‘might’ I mean, ‘definitely will’) make me sound like an asshole, but I love cashmere. It’s so soft and it looks so luxe and you can wear it with jeans and look more après ski than... Continue Reading →

how to wear a crop top in 6 easy steps (according to your judgmental aunt)

Step One – Take your clothes off and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look like Taylor Swift if she stopped trying to feature every celebrity friend she has in her music videos and really concentrated on her... Continue Reading →

we all have the same five friends on facebook

Unless you are an Emily Dickinson-esque hermit or you just awoke from a 30 year coma and this is the first time you’ve ever been on that internet (welcome back, by the way – your family probably missed you, or... Continue Reading →

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