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for ladies – hoes, skanks, and basic bitches also welcome…



leggings are the dane cook of pants…

…In that they are really, really, really watered down pants that shouldn’t even be called pants, but everyone (whether proudly or shhh, in secret) enjoys them at least a little. I went to a LuLaRoe party the other week, and... Continue Reading →

that’s enough, j. crew

I popped into my local mall this past weekend, for a quick five hour jaunt to look for new shoes. What kind of shoes, you ask? Well, I don’t KNOW what kind of shoes, that’s why I have to LOOK,... Continue Reading →

bitches be shopping at homegoods

Is there any place better than HomeGoods? What’s that you say? Public parks and hiking trails? Get out of here, you dirty hippie – go encapsulate a placenta or something. Anyway, back to HomeGoods. Need a plaster bull’s head for... Continue Reading →

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