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Cordially, Claire

cordially, Claire – revenge is best served poor

Hello Claire, A few months ago, my husband and I both lost our jobs within weeks of each other, and we haven’t been able to find new ones. We have had to significantly cut our budgets, including selling our large, lovely home for a cheap rental apartment. Needless to say, we are in a tough spot financially. On the other hand, we have a couple with whom we are close friends, and they recently came into a large amount of money. They used this money to buy a huge, beautiful mansion in the best part of our town. I want to be happy for them, but I find myself plagued by jealousy and a bitterness that keeps me from wanting to spend time with them. How do I overcome this envy and truly celebrate the successes of our good friends?

cordially, Claire – gin and tonics today, apologies tomorrow

Hi Claire, I am in a bit of an awkward situation, I hope you can help me. I went out with my friend a few days ago, and she had way too much to drink. I got her into my car and started to drive her home, and she puked right in the back seat! It took me an hour to scrub out the stains, and I still had to get the interior detailed because of the smell. Every time I bring it up, she just laughs about it like it’s a joke, but I want her to pay for the detailing and apologize. How can I make this happen?

cordially, Claire – devastating your wife, but in the nicest possible way

Dear Claire, I’ve been married for 5 years, and my wife is getting anxious to start having kids. I’m not ready at all to take this step, but she is putting more and more pressure on me. How do I... Continue Reading →

cordially, Claire – matchmaker to the stars, and also this guy

Dear Claire, My brother is going out with a girl, and he really likes her. The only problem is that I’ve been in love with her since elementary school! He doesn’t know this, and I haven’t gotten up the courage to tell him. The longer I wait, the worse it gets, but I don’t know what words to use. Help!

cordially, Claire – a minute on the lips, a lifetime of terrible wedding photos

Dear Claire, My best friend had a baby a year ago and has not yet lost the weight. She is in my wedding this Fall, and I’m concerned she will not be able to fit into her bridesmaid dress. How do I suggest she start watching her weight without hurting her feelings?

cordially, Claire – step one: start robbing people, step two: profit

Dear Claire, My sister-in-law owes me quite a bit of money, but she has not mentioned anything about paying me back. It’s been a few months, and anytime I bring it up, she changes the subject. I have some expenses coming up and I need to have the debt paid – how do I ask her without causing tension?

cordially, Claire – it’s always a good time to make it rain

Dear Claire, I work for a small, close-knit company and my boss invited all of his employees, including me, to her wedding coming up this summer. None of my colleagues have shown any interest in buying a joint gift – what do I get her??

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